Travel through your brain
Explore your vision
Be a Magician of your mind

It's the focus on things you really see, as much as you can't see. Thing you love, things you hate, things that are different in any way but are still the same. It's pure inspiration to create all you could never imagine but is already there. This way we can inspire each other with thoughts, views and experiences to make life more then we think it is. The work of Magician contains a wide scale of influences. Crafting leather, wood, iron, bone and all sorts of materials. Even history and old cultures are put to life again. The beautiful, cryptic and fascinating old historic styles are mixed with 'modern' forms of art. It contains freedom, imagination and nature and is expressed in art, mysteries and wisdom that can only be understood by a open mind. The inspiration of the Magician is also expressed in drawing, writing and music. It's pure energy speaking, thrilling emotions and clear meditation that yield creating. But really, a Magician's work is mostly made by interpretation of the viewer. While the art is hollow and made by a muzzy enchanter, you give birth and living to the art you perceive. Creating your story by what you think you see, is all what makes the living be.

"The Magician"